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Peter August

from Melbourne. Peter is a businessman who left the faith of his childhood and instead sort success in the commercial world. Having achieved that success he felt the need for something else in his life and eventually returned to the Catholic faith.

Fr. Dishan Candappa

 from Melbourne. He was born in Colombo, Sri Lanka 44 years ago and migrated to Australia with his family when he was 15 years old. He has a PhD in Civil Engineering and worked as a Research Assistant and tutor at Monash University for four years before entering a seminary. He completed the last four years of his studies in Rome  and was ordained a priest in 2009 in Melbourne.

Raymond de Souza

Raymond de Souza, KM is Brazilian by birth, Catholic by grace and American by choice. He is the Special Missions Coordinator for Human Life International and regularly travels to countries in all continents to represent HLI to refute the culture of death and promote the Gospel of Life. He is also the President of the Sacred Heart Institute in the United States; EWTN program Host; Knight of Magistral Grace of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta and Coordinator of the Blessed Karl von Habsburg Catholic Knights’ Network. Raymond has distinguished himself as an international Catholic Pro-Life activist, Apologist, author and